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Breakthrough Innovation is needed for top line growth versus bottom line growth through product line extensions and improved efficiencies.

Growth happens in one of three ways:
-- New internal innovation discoveries
-- Buy external innovation discoveries
-- License external innovation discoveries


We provide objective, third party analysis and valuation services for new products and emerging technologies. Our entire focus is to help companies and institutions uncover the true potential value of their ideas, discoveries, research results and trials in order to generate new sources of revenues. Our process combines market analysis, technical analysis and full financial analysis.

We provide simple and transparent valuations that provide all the information you need to make effective business decisions on moving forward with commercialization on internal innovation, purchasing, or licensing of external innovations.




Our areas of specialization are:
  • Food
  • Life sciences
  • Advanced Materials
  • Packaging
  • Sustainability
  • Entertainment & Digital Media

Our areas of expertise are:
  • Early stage technology valuations
  • APP and In-APP Valuations
  • Market Share Analysis
  • Financial modeling
  • Technology life-cycle analysis
  • Patent Landscape Analysis

Technology Resource is one of only twenty-five companies that have been certified and licensed to use Black-Scholes methodology for early stage technology valuations. The Black-Scholes mathematical formula was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1997. We combine the best attributes of options pricing theory with traditional methods such as Market comparables, Historical analysis and Licensing data comparables to provide a solid justification for research funding, project based funding, spin-outs, start-ups, equity distribution and licensing.

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Technology Resource has been a consultant to early stage companies for twenty years with its use of Nobel Prize winning formulas for early stage technology valuation. This has given the company world-wide exposure working on projects on six continents. We have worked with state-of-the-art technologies from world famous research facilities, research universities, global companies and start-up companies, all looking for ways to strategically position their competitive edge. We have collected twenty years worth of data on start-ups, early stage companies and detailed information on what factors account for not only the success of a new idea but the amount of market share it can expect to capture as a result of their new approach or technological innovation.

There are no strategic formulas or analytic tools to accurately measure the market share obtainable by new or early stage technologies. Our newest offering in analytics is for Market Share Analysis which we developed to provide a solution to the need for a method to fairly and accurately forecast market share for business plans, investor presentations and joint ventures. We have been developing derivatives of our valuation technology which accurately predicts the true potential that a technology will achieve, assuming the founders have the desire and ability to execute to the level of success to which they are entitled.

We utilize several valuation methodologies, using the best matches for your circumstances. In so doing, we always provide the maximum amount of information available in order to make judgments based on facts, not guesswork. We also believe in simplicity and transparency and use the best available data to provide accurate and reliable information. We provide that information through detailed analysis consisting of in depth market research, technical analysis and full financial analysis presented with fully justified values.

We use the simplest formulas we have found after 20 years of valuation work from concepts to products at the pre-commercialization stage. We provide the information you need to determine license fees, sales revenues to justify the technology, and relief from royalties. We also provide specialized models to accommodate specific requirements for your project.




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