General Services



Our services include but are not limited to the following:


Early Stage and Emerging Technology Valuations
  • Build valuation profiles at the conceptual level, including research disclosures
  • Provide leverage in early stage capital formation in start-up companies
  • Objective Valuation opinions for Licensing negotiations


I.P. Mapping for Technology Populations and Valuations
  • Bundling synergistic technologies for maximum investment potential
  • Bundling high-value technology combinations for cooperative out-licensing
  • Identify and develop high-value "fields of use" beyond the initial target area


Financial Modeling to project appropriate License Fees for Negotiations
  • Analysis based on required sales revenues to support the technology value
  • Market share and trend analysis for projected sales growth rates
  • Analysis based on 20 year sales projections of available market


Economic Analysis of the Life Cycle of a Technology Niche
  • Projecting manpower requirements for a technology start-up
  • Projecting manpower growth over the projected life of the technology
  • Projecting sales revenue growth for the life cycle of the technology


Patent Landscape Analysis and Presentations
  • Determine market space available and life span of the technology
  • Determine positioning of the technology in the development curve
  • Determine the value proposition that the technology represents





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