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  Process Summary:    
1. We focus our analysis from a business perspective and not a legal perspective. While our reports are not a claims analysis, they are a great resource for understanding the marketplace and a source of knowledge for available opportunities and business intelligence.
2. The reports can be a great resource for budget decisions on R&D initiatives. They can save you time and money and point you in the right direction for isolating Patentable and defensible technologies.
3. We can help predict where the market for your technologies is heading in a four step process:


Step 1
  • We analyze the subject technology from a global perspective
  • We analyze the top companies and their Patents


Step 2
  • We identify the specific technology areas covered and the number of Patents in each group including classifications and specific technologies
  • We provide graphs and charts detailing the above


Step 3
  • We identify technology groups using the latest algorithmic technology
  • We identify each group and their use in the specified technology area


Step 4
  • We then identify components of each Group to describe their intended application using additional algorithmic technology
  • We provide charts and graphs detailing the above
  • Each step includes the Patent population


Our clients have found this to be a very useful tool in decision-making and new product development.

What our clients say:

"Excellent tool for finding new technology opportunities"

"Greatly reduced the time needed for understanding competition and the market place"

"Great for determining space available for new technologies and insight into adjacent available space"

"Excellent source of business intelligence"

"Excellent resource for exploratory analysis of new opportunities and technologies"

"Your report provides keys to what others have done or is doing in order to avoid non-productive initiatives"

"Great tool for internal collaboration between business segments or departments"




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