Enhanced Technology Valuations



Enhanced Technology Valuations

  • Single person start-ups looking for funding to billionaire entrepreneurs looking for new investments.
  • Nano-Cap technology companies to Fortune 100 global products companies.
  • Successful engagements on six continents.
  • Twenty years experience dedicated to accurate and transparent valuation analysis for our clients

Subject ranges
  • Antibodies to Waveform Generators

Types of successful engagements
  • Sale of technology
  • Purchase of technology
  • Licensing technology – proof of concept and Provisional filing
  • Licensing technology – issued Patents and proof of customer demand
  • Investor requested valuations prior to investing
  • Company requested valuations to attract investors
  • Determine % of Joint Venture ownership
  • Funding to develop market
  • Capitalization for company formation based on new technology

One report, multiple values.

You choose which items are the most important to you, we do the rest.
  • Value based on buying
  • Value based on selling
  • Value based on out-licensing
  • Value based on in-licensing
  • Value based on a joint venture opportunity
  • Your contribution to another company’s joint venture
  • Another company’s contribution to your joint venture
  • Proper capitalization basis for a new venture
  • Value based on venture funding for spin-out

Valuation Example

Sometimes we are faced with difficult decisions; for example, how to determine a path forward for a technology, especially early stage developments. Values can vary widely depending on how the technology is to be commercialized. We have the tools and experience to accurately define the valuation parameters through multiple valuation methodologies. Our comprehensive and transparent analysis provides the details you need for successful negotiations without regard to which side of the table you are sitting.
  • Where is the best value?
  • What is best for my company?
  • Which position will be in our best interest for long term growth?

Decisions are based on market knowledge and business experience. We quantify the process through our accurate and inclusive valuation data to help you make your decision. We provide a complete, easy to read analysis based on the value of the selected technology using our twenty years of experience. We supply the data, you make the decision. All of our work is based on methodologies that have stood the test of time and based on real world scenarios, not essays or canned formats.





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