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Technology Commercialization
Our work is part of the technology commercialization process. The early components of commercialization include valuation, negotiation, and licensing. Our specialty is early stage and emerging technology valuations. In fact, we have models that can build a valuation profile at the conceptual level, including Research Disclosures.

We specialize in valuing new technologies and profiling high value technology portfolios.

Our services are used for:
  • validating R&D funding decisions and joint ventures,
  • objective valuation opinions for licensing negotiations,
  • due diligence assistance for acquisitions or investments,
  • providing leverage in early stage capital formation in start-up companies and,
  • analyzing leverageable resources and intangible assets for commercial licensing opportunities.

Discover new sources of revenue
Our entire business focus is to help companies and institutions uncover the true potential value of their ideas, discoveries, research results, and trials in order to generate new sources of revenues. A recent study conducted at M.I.T. confirmed that less than 10% of the knowledge and intellectual property that exists in a laboratory or research environment is patented. Put another way, there are countless numbers of potential businesses and spin-offs languishing in notebooks and file cabinets. We can assist you in building and analyzing your intellectual property inventory.

Forecasted growth software
Our programs and software can be used by economic development agencies and other government bodies to provide important data for jobs creation and forecasted growth of technology-driven companies.

Technology bundling services
Our financial modeling and technology bundling services are essential for realizing the maximum revenue potential for out-licensing and joint venture agreements. Some of the issues we assist our clients with on a routine basis are:
  • quantifying revenue streams from licensing opportunities,
  • determining if commercialization is a real opportunity,
  • determining if a spin-off is justifiable,
  • determining if the technology is the most technically advanced,
  • determining which technology has the most commercial appeal and,
  • identifying undervalued technology assets.
We can customize a format to meet your specific needs and are able respond quickly to time sensitive situations. Our services are always provided on a "not to exceed" basis.





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